The city of Heraklion benefits from a temperate, marine climate. What this means for the traveler is that the weather is rather predictable depending on what time of year you go. Summers are very hot and dry. The hottest months are July and August, when the average temperature reaches heights of 80 F (26 C) degrees. This is good news for sun worshippers, since they can take advantage of the many beaches in the area of Heraklion. Coldest months are December and January, when the average temperature falls to around 50 F (10 C) degrees. Snow is never seen in Heraklion or the rest of Crete except at high elevations on the inland mountains. The relative humidity fluctuates little, between 65 percent in the winter and 55 percent in the summer.

Tourist Season

   The tourist season in Heraklion is during the summer months when the beaches are packed. Everything including flights, hotel rooms and restaurants will be more expensive during this period. The town's capacity is taxed further July through September when the city is host to the Summer Arts Festival, a major draw for visitors.