Things to Know About Chania…

For anyone who is planning a trip to Chania, but has never before been in this part of the world, following is some basic information about the city as well as the country of Greece:

Time Zone: When compared to time in the United States, Chania is seven hours ahead of the Eastern Time Zone. It’s two hours ahead of Greenwhich Mean Time.

Electricity: Most Americans will not be able to use small appliances in Greece without an electric adaptor. So, be sure to buy one on and bring it along.

Mailing Letters and Postcards: Most tourists like to send letters or postcards to family and friends while on vacation here. Post offices have bright yellow signs in front of them which are easy to see, and stamps can usually be bought out of machines.

Driving: For any tourist who rents a car in Chania, it’s important to know the Greek rules of the road. When on a highway and a car behind wants to pass, it’s customary to pull over to the side of the road and let the faster car pass. Also, Chania has a lot of one-way streets… so make sure to be aware of all street signs.