There are three major museums which visitors should see when they spend time in Piraeus .  The Archaeological Museum of Piraeus ( provides visitors with information about the history of the area, the Nautical Museum of Greece ( gives visitors an education about the maritime history of the area and the Municipal Gallery of Piraeus uses area artwork to give visitors insight in to the culture of the area.

The Archaeological Museum of Piraeus is home to numerous statues, ceramics and jewelry items from the B.C. era which have been discovered by archaeologists in the area who work to unearth the history of the people who once lived in the Piraeus region.  Some of the most notable artifacts on exhibit at this museum are bronze statues of Apollo and Athena, a grave monument from the Kallithea area and a bronze tragic mask from the fourth century B.C.  This museum offers free admission days so visitors should contact them ahead of time.

The Nautical Museum of Greece is located near the Zea Harbour and acts as the current home of many exhibits from throughout history.   The difference between these exhibits and those at the Archaeological Museum is that all of these artifacts relate somehow to the sea surrounding the area.   For example, there are remnants of an old lighthouse, paintings of the seascape and models of boats.


The Municipal Gallery of Piraeus is an art museum which houses the works of numerous local artists.   Travelers interested in this museum, as well as those travelers who may be interested in the numerous other museums located throughout the greater state of Greece , should take a look at the museum list provided at .