Visitors who are interested in gaining information about the Piraeus area which will assist them with planning the best ways to spend their days should try to make a stop at the local tourist information office early on in their trip.  The tourist office is located in the Metro Station so visitors who arrive in the area via the metro train should stop at the office before even heading to the hotel.  The office is open daily from eight in the morning until eight in the evening although it may have shortened hours on holidays.  Travelers can contact the office at 210-412-1181 to double-check hours, get directions and have simple travel questions answered.

Another good resource for obtaining information about travel to the area, especially for those people who are making Piraeus just one stop on a multi-city tour of Greece , is the Greek National Tourism Organization.   They operate an office at the airport in Athens which is convenient for those people who are arriving in the area via plane.   They also have an office located near the Zea Marina.   Additional office information is available on their website which is located online at .    Other tourist organization information is also available through their webpage at .