Athens has over 50 museums. . .

The following are the most famous.

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Acropolis Museum

Acropolis Museum

Acropolis Museum is a "must-see" for its collection and the museum experience too. Some people prefer to visit it after visiting Acropolis site. Some people prefer to visit it before the Acropolis itself because it gives you the historical background and tells you what the Acropolis and Parthenon looked like before the centuries and Lord Elgin took their toll.

The museum is fully acessible for people with mobility issues. If you have mobility issues, make sure your taxi drops you within sight of the museum entrance. Otherwise you are likely to have a long walk through a pedestrian-only tourist area.



National Archaeological Museum

national archaeological museum 

The biggest collection of Greek sculpture in the world.

An extended museum that includes artifacts from all the periods of Greek history and Art, from the prehistoric times till Roman times. 



Benaki Museum Main Building

This is the Main Building of Benaki Museum at Koumbari Str. at Kolonaki area near Syntagma square. Compact museum, easy to browse, lot to see including a variety of artifacts, from a small collection of ancient Greek sculpture, to Byzantine icons, traditional costumes and much more. Great museum shop.



Byzantine & Christian Museum

Byzantine & Christian Museum 

Highly suggested museum. One of the best collections of Byzantine icons in the world. Also church murals and many artifacts from the Byzantine Era, from 3rd century till 18th century. Two thematic entities, one before and one after the Fall of Constantinople in 1453.

For further information about Byzantium visit this very nice site . Exploring the byzantine world



Museum of Cycladic Art

A small but highly suggested museum including 4 thematic halls, one of them being a collection of prehistoric Cycladic idols. Temporary exhibitions too. Walking distance from Syndagma Sq.



War Museum

War Museym in Athens includes exhibits, plans, weapons, pictures  and information about conflicts Greece has been involved from the ancient times till modern times. It also includes an open air exhibiton of fight planes and weapons, including three modern military aircrafts and an early 20th century fight plane.


Athens City Museum


National Historical Museum of Athens 




Benaki Museum at Pireos Str.

Modern looking museum specialising in architecture and painting hosting marvellous exhibitions. Houses also open air sculpture exhibitions at its open atrium.



Benaki museum of Islamic Art

A small museum near Thission or Kerameikos subway stations housing an excellent collection of Islamic Art.It also offers a small excellent coffee shop at the terrace and exhibits of remains of ancient Athens Wall at the basement 



Museum of the Ancient  Agora

This is small but very interesting museum including artifacts from the Ancient Agora in ground floor and models of Agora site on first floor. It is inlcuded in the Ancient Agora site visit. 



Archaeological Museum of Kerameikos

This is small but very interesting museum including artifacts from Kerameikos site. It is inlcuded in the Kerameikos site visit.  



The Jewish Museum of Greece

This museum, among else, collects, preserves and exhibits all elements of history and cultre of the Greek Jewish community. 


National Art Gallery

National Art Gallery main building is currently under rennovation - extpension. Permanent collections available in the Gallery's temporary location in Goudi.


Museum of Paul and Alexandra Kanellopoulos



You need time and love for culture and art!!!: ) Keep going. . .Athens holds world treasures. . .

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