Athens is a city of many contradictions. There is the glitzy shopping area along tram route 3, the major department store near Syntagma Square called Attica, the bartering shopping streets of Monistiriaki and the locals market each saturday on tram routes 2 and 5.

In Monistiraki you will find mostly jewellers, luggage, shoes, sportswear and tourist related goods. There are also ILLEGAL immigrants selling copy DVDs (much to the distaste of the authorities and genuine shopkeepers).In  the  all  the Plaka  area  you  can  find  plenty  of  tourist   shops  with  Great  price.You  can  find  good   prices    for  souvenirs  at  Andrianou  street.For   traditional  leather  products  like  sandals   and  bags  visit  the   Kidathineon  Street  where    you  can  find  great  bargains  in  basement  traditional  shops  like  Artemis shop  at  Kidathineon  21.

This is the area to test your haggling skills. Whatever price the item of interest begins at, deduct 60% - watch the shopkeeper fake shock and dismay then let them suggest a better price. The shopkeepers are very polite and strongly advise you to be the perfect tourist and gain a good rapport with them. Enjoy the experience and they will often offer you a cool drink whilst you decide your next move eventually to meet them somewhere in the middle. You will also meet aging tableware sellers offering you tablecloths and silk related goods. These are in gift shops at 100EUR, the street sellers began at 70, more often they will accept a much lower price. Once again, they react very well to respect and politeness - a smile goes a long way. Beware of stolen goods & pickpockets

After a mornings' bargain hunting you will find at the end of the shopping street a fabulous market square with a huge Orthodox CATHEDRAL and the Metropolitan cafe. The service there makes the visit well worthwhile and the prices are very reasonable.

The only other area where you can barter is at the locals market. This is on Saturday and off the tourist trail on tram routes 2 and 5. Keep looking to the right after about 15 minutes from Syntagma Square and you can't miss it. The stalls go for about 1 mile and sell all manner of everyday goods aimed at the locals. An amazing place to get a real bargain but don't expect anyone to speak English. The Agora is an ancient way for farmers/producers to sell their wares, but beware of thieves, (mostly illegals) but there is usually a Laiki Agora everywhere in Athens on any given day

For general day to day shopping try Omonia Square for tourist gifts and do stop off at the coffee house in the square - you can smell it from afar! Don't wanter or get lost in Omonia. It is a hot bed of drugs and prostituion.

For supermarket shopping there is a 2 floor Spar supermarket called 'Eurospar." It's facing the tram stop so after the locals market look right after the large Church. There is an amazing bakery on the upper floor serving filled baguettes for just 1.50 EUR. Another option is to continue down the tram route just before the lines join with route 3. There is a greek deli on the main road which had the most amazing range of fruit at half the price of the UK.also check out Sklaventis s/markets they usually have a buffet upstairs,great food for a great price!!

They have lidl also but thier products are inferior quality

Within Athens itself the choice is limited for supermarkets of any quality. Expect to pay 0.5 Eur for a kilo of oranges out of town but 3.6 EUr in Omonia Square for the same items!

Chemists are on every corner and so are 2nd user mobile phone shops and shoe shops - so any budding Imelda Marcoss types out there will be overwhelmed with the sheer number of shoe shops especially around Omonia Square.

If you fancy a flutter on the Greek lottery you can buy these tickets from on street sellers in most underground stations.

News stands are also on every single corner. These sell a wide range of drinks,beer wine& liquor snacks and reading material. They also sell phone cards which you will need to use any public phone in Athens. Presenly a 5EUR card can give upto 100 minutes from Greece to the UK, so not bad value when compaired with mobiles.

Greece is well served for mobile choice. All the UK service suppliers are served in Athens but watch the cost of both making and receiving calls.

As for tourist shopping, the Acropolis area offers a couple of surprises. Halfway up the seemingly endless steps to one of the worlds most amazing sights is a gift shop and refreshment stand. Both good value.

At the base of the monument are a couple of streets where street cafe's and gift shops line the road. The clear hint here is that the further away from the coach park and monument entrance you are, the lower the prices so do take a stroll down the gentle hill and check out the shops as you go, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Out of the city centre on tram route 3 there is the glitzy side of Athens shopping.go to GLyfada for more upscale shant find any illegal annoying you to buy c/ds while you dine

Even body shop and M&S are here with many designer shops catering for the more luxury end of the market. An afternoon strolling the endless street cafes and small, exclusive arcades was well worth it with exceptional service and very well spoken staff. Remember that you are allowed up to 5 stop overs in 90 minutes with one single tram ticket so do take the time to explore.

If you decide to take the island hopping one day cruise do beware of the prices charged on the harbours for souveniers. This is one place where tablecloths for example were 'discounted' to 100 EUR yet the street seller sold one for just 15 EUR.

The main goods easily found in Athens are phones, clothes, shoes and tourist related goods. Athens is a dramatic city with amazing sights and well worth visiting.