Athens is a walking city. So, get your comfy shoes and go for it.

During the past 20 years, extended works have been done to turn central car traffic roads into pedestrian roads. Nowadays, one can walk from Panathinaikon Stadium and Syndagma area all the way to Gazi area by foot. This is a huge area around Acropolis Hill, away from noisy and full of car traffic downtown roads. It is called "the Archaeological walk of Athens", since it passes aside the most significant ancient sites of the city. Let's simply call it "The Walk".

"The Walk" has many subway stations located in convenient parts, so you can really start it from many points. It offers a set of diverse activities that can provide sightseeing, dining, people - watching, walking, jogging, shopping options. So, do concentrate on this pedestrian path, instead of wandering aimlessly around noisy downtown Athens car avenues.

The most significant part of the Walk, is this starting from "Akropoli" subway station on Red metro line , ending up at "Monastiraki" station. It's an arched walk on three pedestrian roads: "Dionussiou Areopagitou", "Apostolou Pavlou" and "Adrianou". You can use it to visit Acropolis early in the morning, passing by Dionussus Theater and new Acropolis Museum, Acropolis monuments and the Agora. It ends up at Thission area which has many cafes and awesome views of Acropolis and at Monastiraki Square with its night and day vibe and many shops.

So, you have it all: Akropolis, ancient sites, museums, photo options, coffee break and dining. Want more? Plaka with its neoclassical buildings is aside. Psirri is aside too for its nightlife. Got tired? Subway can get you back to your hotel. Just don't forget to charge the camera. Photo options are numerous.

 You can also use some of the audio guides available for free(e.g. Rick Steve's app available on apple & android) to get a better comprehension of the areas. They come with a map, route, descriptions of the places & some useful tips.


 Parthenon on Acropolis


Ancient Agora as seen from The Walk on Apostolou Pavlou Str. Lucabettus Hill in distance


 Thission on Apostolou Pavlou Str. Many coffee shops and phot opportunities. Take a first break there.


Hephaestus's Temple as seen from inside the Agora. Access it via Adrianou Str. It's a jewel :)


 The Roman Library in Plaka. This is one minute walk from Monastiraki Sq. Acropolis and Erecthion in distance


a road with neoclassical buildings in Plaka neighbourhood