São Francisco Church

The São Francisco Church is located at Largo de São Francisco. The convent was constructed between 1383 and 1825. Today only its Gothic church remains. It is famous its Baroque interior and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the 18th century the surfaces of the interior of the church were covered with gilt in the Baroque style. These included the altarpieces in the nave and apse chapels. Included were the walls, pillars, roof and side chapels. The Baroque decorations used about 200 kg of gold and many plants, animals, and cherubs were covered with it. There are three naves in the interior of the church and the middle one is the highest. The Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Solddao is a Rococo wonder. The Chapel da Arvore de Jesse has beautiful woodcarving.

The catacombs are below the church and there is a museum there with artifacts from the former monastery. These include human bones. There are no longer church services in the church but there are classical music concerts are held there.