Madeira is known for many things, and its delectable wine and beautiful environment are two of the most note-worthy . . . and have been for centuries. So in addition to enjoying tours of Funchal and the island—either with official bus tours or mini bus excursions or unofficial taxi rides with guide-like drivers—consider taking day trips to some of the area's best wineries and botanical gardens.

Two favorite wineries are Blandy’s Wine Lodge and St. Francis Wine Lodge. Blandy’s is one of the oldest working wine lodges in Funchal is located in a 17-century building that was once part of an old Franciscan monastery. One TripAdvisor Member gave the tour experience a perfect score. “Blandy's Wine Lodge proved very interesting to tour. Have received nice mini-snifters with a couple of ounces of five year old Sercial (a dry Madeira) and five year old Malmsey (a sweet Madeira) in the tasting room. Definitely a must see on anyone's first trip to Madeira, even if you're a non-imbiber like I am. I enjoyed visiting the place immensely, and friends and family enjoyed the Madeira samplers I brought home.” The wine tour at the St. Francis Wine Lodge is also recommended for its fun, education and tastings.

Two favorite gardens are Botanical Gardens Madeira and Quinta do Palheiro Ferreiro. Botanical Gardens Madeira offers a place to relax, take in the views and learn about the names and origins of the splendid variety of exotic flowers, vegetables, herbs and other useful plants found on Madeira. Garden enthusiasts can find even more inspiration at  Quinta do Palheiro Ferreiro, a superb estate, owned by the prominent Blandy family, and the surrounding Blandy's Garden, which is one of the most beautiful parks on Madeira.