Levada walking on Madeira island is a unique opportunity to explore and experience the most beautiful landscapes of this fantastic island. The levadas are, as mentioned earlier, irrigation canals that cross the island to bring water from the north side to the south side of the island. But it is important to note that we do not walk in them, most have a terrace or dirt road next to the levada, allowing all those who visit to walk in a way that is regular and secure. Walking in Levadas is not a danger as long as we respect some rules, such as:

  • Be accompanied by an official mountain guide that in addition to knowing the location and provide security, will tell you about history, flora and fauna present on site.
  • Walk always in the rail as the guide does, it prevents about 90% of accidents. Use proper equipment for hiking in the mountains. It is essential to use a good mountain boots. Due to the presence of water, levadas are often very wet and slippery.
  • If you wish to take a picture, always choose to stop, don’t get very close to a cliff to get a better angle.. Always remember that who makes the zoom is the camera, not you!
  • Respect the nature around you, don’t make noise and don’t cut flowers. Always remember to bring all the garbage with you.
  • In Madeira there are many microclimates that causes in few minutes a sudden change of temperature, take cover, and always ask the guide about the weather forecast for the ride.
  • A mountain guide is a person physically, intellectually and mentally prepared to walk on the mountain. All official mountain guides trained in first aid which is important in case of an emergency, so always make sure that the guide who you hired is an official guide.

Walking on the mountain is a privilege that few have, and Madeira island offers this privilege to all those who visit us. If you follow this advice we believe that your visit will be, at least, unforgettable.