Visitors generally do not need any special vaccinations and such when visiting the island of Madeira.  However, if you take medication regularly, it is generally recommended to bring a supply to last the length of your trip.

Madeira is a fairly safe place to visit.  Having said this, there are certain precautions that should be taken in order to ensure a smooth trip to the island.  Like always, common sense is the most important tool used for staying safe.

Although it is very uncommon, petty street crime does occur, and visitors should take certain precautions.  Don’t carry around large amounts of money, and avoid wearing expensive jewelry or looking flashy.  Drawing un-needed attention to one’s self is never a good idea.  Try blending into the crown instead of sticking out.  Be aware of people who without need brush up against your side, as they may be pickpockets.  

There are two main issues to consider when heading to the beach.  Valuables should never be left unattended, as this is asking for trouble.  Also, visit the American Red Cross website for some useful water safety tips.

Avoid traveling alone at night.  This is a general recommendation for any unfamiliar area, but should be followed in Madeira as well.  Women should especially be conscious of this issue, and if traveling with others is not an option, take safe modes of transportation like cars or taxis.  Single women can expect occasional cat calls and such, but walking around alone is generally safe.

In the case of an emergency, dial 112 (the national emergency number) from any phone.