The Madeira Islands are a series of islands which each have their own internal subdivisions.  There are two main islands in the region; Madeira Island and Porto Santo.  Madeira Island is the largest of the two islands and the home to the capital city of Funchal .  Porto Santo is located approximately two and one half hours away from this main island by boat and its shores are visible from the larger island, but it tends to have a very different ambience.  See for more details.

Although these two islands are the ones where travelers are likely to spend a bulk of their time, visitors should make it a point to branch out and see the other regions of the Madeira Islands as well.   These other regions are loosely divided into the east coast, west coast and north coast regions.   The east coast includes the cities of Santa Cruz and Machico.   The West Coast includes Camara de Lobos, Ribiera Brava, Ponto do Sol and Calheta.   And the North Coast is home to Porto Moniz, Sao Vicente and Santana.   For more detailed information about each of these different areas and the types of tourist life to be explored through trips to these places, see the information provided by the Madeira Tourism Office ( ) at .