The stores which travelers spending time in Sintra will want to make sure to visit include:

  • A Esquina – One of the items which Sintra travelers frequently look to buy while they are staying in the area is ceramic pottery and this is one of the most common places where travelers go to satisfy that interest.
  • Almorabida – Another item frequently purchased by Sintra visitors is clothing material, with lace being a top fashion pick.  This store offers traditional lace as well as other items such as rare carpets.
  • Casa Branca – A unique Sintra purchase is the embroidered linen and lingerie available at this women’s store.
  • Cascais Fish Market – This is the best place to go for purchasing local foods to be consumed during a Sintra vacation.
  • Henrique Teixera – This downtown Sintra store is a top pick for antiques and hand crafted furniture.
  • Sintra Bazar – This is a flea market style shopping center where travelers can go to bargain with local vendors in the purchase of handmade arts and crafts.
  • Violeta – Similar to Casa Branca, this store tends to have linens at a less expensive cost than its counterpart.
  • Casa Alegria - A great place for hand painted ceramic tiles 
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