The biggest party of the city is the night eve of St. Antonio's day on 12th June. It is an incredible local experience to live! Everyone goes to the streets to party, drink and have fun until drop. Be sure you are in the popular districts as Alfama, Mouraria or Castle. But the best party is at Bica which is completely crowded with some of the most “beautiful” people of the city. Don't forget to eat sardines in a bread slice and drink some sangria for dinner, it's the traditional meal for that night.

You'll see a lot of people selling it on streets; most of the times is safe to eat. It's cheaper and you’ll be in the mood sooner!

The weather in Lisbon is, in general, warmer all year than in the rest of the Europe (like other cities of South Europe). The warm and dry season usually begins in May and finishes in October. The hottest months are July and August which the thermometers easily can reach the 37ºC and sometimes a little bit more. Bring a good hat and a sun screener and avoid the direct sunlight between 1pm and 3pm, especially if you have a very white skin. The cold season starts in November until March. The temperatures usually go at 1ºC (min.) until 15ºC (max.) in winter. Lisbon never has negative temperatures and never snows (it's extremely, extremely rare!). The rainy months usually are January, February, April, November and December.