The best way to get around if one really wishes to explore the different nooks and niches in Estremadura is to rent or bring a car. Some of the towns can be quite far apart but a car gives one the freedom to stop and relax leisurely at one town, as well as zoom through other towns that hold little or less interest. It gives one the freedom to define their own adventure. The larger cities such as Lisbon and Madrid, where one most likely will originate, offer various car rental options. One needs a valid passport and driver’s license in order to rent a car. One must also take into consideration that there are not the most logical paths and roads between each town; in fact, the standard map will look quite like a spider’s web of roads, all built around several large cities, with fairly little order or logic. Many local drivers will also avoid intercity routes because there are often tollroads on them and thus, the main roads can become flooded with people randomly. Also, Portugal is pretty much renowned at this point for their inconsistent and risky drivers. Thus, while this is the best way to get around, one must be very careful while driving.


Regardless, there are other (if slower) ways to get around Estremadura. There are many bus routes between majority of the towns and these tend to be rather cheap. However, not all the buses in the area are well-maintained and may not provide the most comfortable ride.