Most people get to the regions of Estremadura either from Lisbon or from Madrid. One can fly into either of these large cities and find multiple forms of transport to Estremadura. For instance, from Madrid, AutoRes goes to Extremadura several times a day. To get to Caceres, it generally takes about four to 5 hours from   Madrid. To get to Badajoz, it takes about 6 to 7 hours.

Another possibility is to travel by train. The prices of train tickets to Extremadura are only a bit hirer than bus fares and the views from the train can be beautiful. However, one downside is that the journey is a bit slower. There are also trains all up and down the coast of Portugal to various sea-side town of Extremadura.

One can also decide to drive. One will leave Madrid take the R-5 and A-5 freeway from Madrid. Once one reaches Trujillo, one must take the N-V and the N-521 freeway to Cáceres, or keep straight on for Badajoz.

It is quite expensive to go by plane to areas in Estremadura, especially since many are very close distance for each other. Mostly, it just seems pointless. However, for reference, a plane from Madrid to Badajoz costs around 160 €.