The Iberian Peninsula has a continental and Atlantic climate. In fact, in the north, it can get very rainy (keep in mind: this does not affect the production of great grapes for wine and port!). While much of the Iberian Peninsula has a renowned Mediterranean climate, the region of Estremadura has both hot summers and cold winters, unlike the Mediterranean lack of seasons. Western Andalusia and the Algarve have warmer weather because of the gulf stream. However, in the summer, the winds from the Sahara can be at times rather unbearable. On the western coast of Portugal, it can be largely rainy and cold because it faces the chill Atlantic. Also, on the Spanish side, there is a more temperate climate with a lot of rainfall as well. Overall, the area of Estremadura tends to be very dry.

Thus, the most popular time to visit Estremadura is in the summer. Though depending on the area, the weather can very significantly, it is the most pleasant time in the region, when there is much less rain and the temperatures generally range from the high 70s to the high 80s. The winters can be quite inhospitable. The fall and the spring are also not bad times to visit, although one might encounter a lot of rain.