Estremadura or Extremadura (depending on where one is) is district of the Iberian Peninsula that lies inland from Leiria and runs southward towards Lisbon. The region   is split into two   between   Badajoz   and Cacares. Much of these provinces   are Spanish;   thus, Estremadura has a decisively Spanish while at the same time Portuguese cultural ambiance, mostly of rustic, farm-like, family-oriented communities. Regardless, it houses many powerful Portuguese cities like Lisbon as well as some of the quieter, smaller ones, especially on the coast. Howe ever, the area is strong in cultural identity. Thought it is sparsely populated, it has a long and proud history that its locals are proud of. Also, it is a strong producer and cultivator of   the fertile grounds surrounding it. Generally speaking, it is a dry, flat land, generally used for agricultural pursuits such as cereal, tobacco, vineyards and olives. There are also regions of ‘dehesa’ which is thinly forested woodland. In Estremadura there are several parks and preserves. There are also many prominent local customs and traditions as well typical dress and ceramics to observe. Many of the towns along the coast of Portugal are part of Estremadura, such as Cascais, Lisbon, Fatima and Estoril.   The locals are generally very friendly.