There are a number of museums spread throughout the islands of the Azores. A few places to check out include:


  • Museu do Scrimshaw (Scrimshaw Museum) -- located in Horta, this museum features exhibits on the whaling industry.
  • Museu da Horta -- also located in Horta, this museum's collections feature the cultural history of the island, including photographs, angique furniture, and traditional crafts, among other islands.


  • Museu de Angra do Heroismo -- located in Angra do Heroisnmo, this museum features collections that celebrate the history of the Azores.
  • Museu to Vinho -- located in Biscoitos, this museum features exhibits that explain the wine-making process.

São Miguel

  • Museu Carlos Machado -- located in a former monastery in Ponta Delgada, this museum has collections that feature the area's farming and fishing industries, along with historical and natural history exhibits.
  • Furnas Monitoring and Research Centre --- located in the south margin of Furnas Lake, near Furnas Village, is an interpretative centre open to public which showcases the environmental project being implemented in recent years to recuperate the water quality and eco system of the volcanic Lake.


  • Museu da Graciosa -- located in Santa Crauz da Graciosa, this museum features exhibits that celebrate the island's history.

Sao Jorge

  • Museu de Sao Jorge -- located in Calheta, this museum's collections include historical objects from the island's past.


  • Museu dos Baleeiors -- located in Lajes, this museum features exhibits that focus on the whaling industry.
  • Museu da Industria da Baleeria -- located in Sao Roque do Pico, this museum is housed in a former whale processing factory.


  • Museu das Flores -- located in Santa Cruz, this museum features a number of items, including pottery, furniture, artifacts from shipwrecks, along with other objects.