1) BOOKWORMS: Estrada De St Eulalia near to world/globe roundabout @ Corcovada. The lady charges €1.25 for each pass printed but donates the proceeds to the many of the Algarve charities. Opening times 12pm to 5pm Monday to Saturday.

2) MUNDO FONE:  on main dual carriageway just higher up than Bombay Palace Indian Restaurant. and directly next door to Oura Doce Cafe, 25 cents for printing a boarding pass plus your internet connection €1.

3) There is also a cafe with internet and printing facilities on the first floor of Centro Commercial Bela Vista shopping @ Watches roundabout,  called Net@Kaffe, its more or less just above McDonalds, printing costs are 1 euro per sheet for b/w, the netcafe also do snacks, sandwiches and pizzas and a selection of cocktails and beer in frozen glasses.

4) Travel shop at the bottom of the escalators in the Old Town  Printing costs €1 a sheet.

5)  Internet Shop on Bar Street in Old Town, beside the  Hotel California  go up the steps heading for The Shamrock Bar. Not sure of costs.  

 6) Cartridge World shop, Rua Texeira Gomes (opposite Corcovada and not far from Vila Petra, Montechoro etc) charges £1 per sheet ,open shop hours but closed Saturday afternoons also all day Sundays and Holidays.

 7) "Sunshine Tour": Information and booking shop in the old town by the Church. Run by a REALLY helpful lady called Rute Mendes. Still only 1 Euro per boarding pass for printing.