Package holidaymakers in Albufeira are invariably offered a range of trips and outings by their tour company reps, most of these are on the expensive side. However, down in the old town are a number of travel agencies which offer exactly the same trips, in exactly the same coaches, to exactly the same destinations but at a much lower price! For example, an allday excursion called Western Wonders will set you back 35 Euros if booked through the rep but can be had for  25 Euros from the ticket agent. Remember - same trip, same coach, same itinarary. There are several ticket agencies at the bottom of Rua Alphonso 2, next to a wide square called Largo Cais Herculano (near the beach). It's worth taking a look in their window before booking with the reps. Recently, a number of ticket shops have also sprung up near the church in the old town.