Although a city primarily for people with higher brows and visitors of artistic fiber, Brugge has much in the way of entertainment for children and events for the whole family to enjoy.

Canal trips and horse rides are wonderful ways to keep kids happy during their stay in Brugge.  City parks with playgrounds include Astridpark, Sebrechts Park, and Visartpark.

Museums children will love include, of course, the chocolate museum—the ability to visit dependent on whether or not he/she has eaten all his/her broccoli at dinner the day before.  The Folklore Museum and the city’s windmills should also be of interest, and the Groeninge Museum has a playhouse to distract sons and daughters while parents roam the painting collections.

Outside Brugge is a children’s farm in Assebroek, a planetarium in Beisbroek, and a forest reserve between Brugge and Maldegem.  Also, in nearby Sint-Michiels, is a theme park operated by a watery European equivalent of Six Flags called Boudewijn Seapark.  Boudewijn entertains people of all ages with its aquariums, dolphinariums, and amusement park.