If you’re staying within the city limits, a car is completely unnecessary. Cheap parking is scarce, streets are narrow, and the layout is impossible. Most streets are one-way traffic, so some knowledge of the city or a GPS is a must when driving in Bruges. 

Very walkable

With a good map, it is very easy to get around most of Brugge on foot (mind the cobbles!). The street layout might be a bit confusing, but the good news is that you can always orient yourself in relation to the Belfry Tower, OLV-Church and St. Salvators cathedral. Using this method and a map, you should be able to navigate. There are kilometers of wonderful shops, cafes, restaurants, churches, etc. and there’s no better way to see these than walking.

Where to find a map?
On the download page of the tourist office website you can find a lot of information, including a city map (fourth item on the page) and a visitors guide (second item). Both are also for sale at the local tourist offices in case you prefer to have it in a better quality. The city map and visitors guide should help you get started though. 

Click here to go to the download page: http://foto.brugge.be/dl/downloads.htm

Find a bike

Flanders is famous for its champion cyclists! Follow their example and rent a bike to traverse the outskirts of Brugge. There are many other cyclists and it is very safe. You can find several bike rental points inside the city centre. Walk by one of the tourist offices to find out where they are located or have a look in the visitors guide. All bike rental points are listed in there. 


If you have a car, park at the main train station multi story car park on the ring road for 2.5 euros/day. Show your parking ticket at the ticket shop next to the bus stop and you'll receive a free return trip to the city center. See below for more info on which bus to take. 

How to get to the city centre once you're in Brugge

If you go walking:
If you're standing on the square in front of the railway station you'll see a busy road in front of you. You cross this road at the traffic lights and then turn to the left through the park. Hint: when you're standing at the traffic lights look to the left. You'll see an orange / pink building just above the tree tops, this is the Concertbuilding, you have to walk to this building, it's at the end of the park.

Walk past the Concertbuilding, you're now on 't Zand square. Take the first street on the right (called Zuidzandstraat, which later turns into Steenstraat) which will lead you directly to the Market square (with the Belfry tower). Zuidzandstraat is one of the main shopping streets, so you can easily recognize the street.

This walk will take you about 20 minutes.

If you go by bus:
In front of the railway station there are lots of buses. You can catch all of the buses that have CENTRUM on top of the bus. Any bus with CENTRUM goes directly to the Market square. The Market square is the THIRD bus stop (1 = orange / pink Concertbuilding | 2 = St. Salvator cathedral in the Zuidzandstraat | 3 = Market square). 

Tickets can be purchased from the bus driver (€ 2,00 single trip) or in the ticket shop (€ 1,20 single trip) of the bus company. This ticket shop can be found in front of the railway station next to the bus stop.