With the production of a map with all the playgrounds in Ghent and it's vicinities, you do not longer have to bother where your little ones can romp. You can get the map for free in the City Shop (Woodrow Wilsonplein 1) or the Tourism Board (Belfry) or have already a look at one side of the map over here: http://www.gent.be/docs/Departement%2... Main parks and squares in the center of Ghent with playgrounds are: Citadelpark, Muinkpark, Zuidpark, Astridpark, Spaanskasteelplein, Baudelopark, Sluizekenkaai, Lodewijk Van Malestraat (Prinsenhof), Sint-Elisabethbegijnhof, Groene Valleipark, Verenigde Natieslaan (Watersportbaan).