On foot and by public transportation

If you are staying in the city center and you do not mind walking a little bit, most tourist places are accessible by foot. For some attractions located a little further, you can easily catch a metro, tram or bus (read the section about public transportation for more information), at least during day time (roughly 7AM-23PM). You will definitely need a map to find your way among the streets, which are not arranged or named in an easy to remember or logical way (as in most cities in the US).

For walking time estimates between neighborhoods, visit: Brussels Discovery

At night, you’ll probably need to get a cab (expensive compared to the US but distances are so small that it won’t cost you too much). If you are planning to stay in Brussels only, and even if you want to make day trips to Bruges, Ghent or Antwerp, a car won’t be much helpful. Public transportation inside the city (metro, tram, bus) and outside the city (train to other cities) is fast, frequent, efficient and cheap.

Driving and parking

Driving and parking in Brussels is easier than in most other European capital cities, especially at weekends. However, walking and making use of the public transportation are probably your best options during day time. If you plan to drive, get a good map of the city, avoid rush hours during the week and note that traffic is restricted during some weekends of the year when special events take place. It is not recommended to drive in the center of Brussels (near the Grand’Place) as streets are narrow, parking along the streets is not easy and traffic can be hectic.

In Brussels is available lot of rental companies.