The Hague is connected to the rest of the Netherlands via an extensive public transportation network. The Hague is connected to other countries (mainly) through two international airports: Schiphol and Rotterdam-The Hague Airport.

Schiphol Amsterdam Airport 

Vast opportunities are available at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam. Every day, various airlines fly in and out to almost every single country and city in the world. There also is a train station located below the airport, which is an easy 30 minute commute to one of The Hague's main train stations: Den Haag Centraal Station (Centraal or CS) or Den Haag Hollands Spoor station (HS). A one-way ticket costs around 10 euro. 

If you’re coming from Amsterdam by car, it's an easy forty-five miles. Take the A4 onto the A12 and then continue onto the Utrechtsebaan.

Rotterdam-The Hague Airport 

Founded in 1956, Rotterdam-The Hague Airport connects both The Hague and Rotterdam to several European capitals and holiday destinations and serves nearly a million passengers a year.

From the airport, take the shuttle bus to Meijersplein. From there you can take the RandstadRail (regional light rail) to The Hague. A taxi to the city will cost about 50 euro depending on your exact destination in The Hague.

Major international cities close to The Hague include Brussels and London. It is possible to either travel to those destinations by train, airplane and/or boat. Basically, the public transportation system both national and international is excellent.