If you’re heading to Rotterdam, usual traveler safety guidelines apply – be aware of your surroundings, keep your money and other valuables close, and be aware of pickpockets and thieves. Metro's are the most popular place for pickpocketers. Don't leave smartphone's or other valuables on the table if you're on a terrace. There is no direct threat of thievery, but it is an easy target and often if people get robbed it happens on terraces in an unnoticed moment.

In Rotterdam, a few extra precautions need to be taken. In the city center there is no need to feel unsafe, as there is plenty of security and there are few dark streets or alleys. The advice is to avoid quite alleys or streets, unless necessary to reach destination. Just like any other big city in Europe there are some neighbourhoods outside the city center that might feel uncomfortable during the night. These are mostly not the area's where hotels are located, so for most tourists this will not apply. Rotterdam used to have multiple districts with severe criminality, but in recent years the crime rate dropped rapidly in central problem areas and some of these districts are actually places with the most popular bars of the city. If you are approached by a stranger or multiple strangers with a strange request, the advice is to keep walking. Sometimes people will be screaming at you at night, don't react. If these people are ignored there is mostly no reaction.

Visitors should feel relatively safe in Rotterdam and especially in the popular districts it is no different compared to other tourist cities. Stay extra careful and generally avoid the city’s parks at night. In addition, don’t keep all your cash in one place, but in several places, in case you get robbed, or – more likely – become the victim of a pickpocket.

If you’re visiting Rotterdam and are approached by someone claiming to be a police officer or other official, do not hand anything over until you have proof of their identity, and refusing unsolicited help isn’t a bad idea either.