This is an award-winning interactive museum that encourages you to explore what it means to be 'mad' (or for that matter, sane). You proceed through a succession of rooms in each of which you are presented with a different aspect of the psychiatry. In the first room, for example, you open cupboards and inside find various mementos of a person's life. Then a recorded message from the person relates their thoughts and feelings. And each person has been diagnosed with a different form of mental illness. Other rooms show different approaches to treating mental illness through the ages, different tests of mental illness, etc. The museum is monolingual Dutch, but English speakers are provided with a comprehensive transcript of key pieces of information that can be carried round. Be warned that some of the imagery (e.g. a repeating film loop of someone receiving electro convulsive therapy) might not be to everyone's taste, and the wall art in the cafe is a little sexually explicit. Website: About a minute's walk from Haarlem train station.