Arriving for a cheap weekend but still need to eat? Food in Amsterdam especially in areas popular with tourists is not particularly cheap but there are cheap eats available:

If you are staying in the Pijp, you must definitely pay a visit to Leeman Döner this place is famous in Amsterdam for the best döner kebab and Turkish pizza in town. Besides having the tastiest döner with the best meat, they are the cheapest spot in town. A döner costs 2 euro's and a Turkish pizza 1,70. It is located at Van Woustraat 160.


For a cheap feed in Amsterdam you cannot beat popping into one of the numerous New York Pizza places dotted around the city.  You can get a couple of slices and a soft drink for under 8 euros.  It always tastes good and they heat it up for you.

Alternatively, try some vlaamese frites - crispy tasty chips with a range of sauces available. 

Look out for Pannekoek, ie Dutch pancakes.  Tiny little pancakes served hot with butter and icing sugar, cheap and yummy.

Febo - fast food mainly self service are scattered about Amsterdam, don't be put off by the lack of translations, as long as you are not a vegetarian you should be fine.  Make sure you have coins available to use the machines, a selection of mainly Krokets (ie deep fried food in breadcrumbs) are available with prices varying from 1.5 euros to 2 euros, try the Kaassouffle (filled with cheese).  If you need smaller coins there should be a change machine nearby.

Wok to Walk - (wok your way)  Four small shops dotted around Amsterdam selling a range of freshly cooked noodles, rice and vegetable dishes. As the name suggests, when cooked the noodles are packaged in a waxed container and you are given chopsticks or a plastic fork and carry on walking.

You choose your noodle or rice base, then add meat, chicken and extra veg - all of which are charged as extras but very reasonably priced. A choice of sauce is added free and the meal is cooked before your eyes. Base of noodles or rice with mixed vegetables costs 4.90e, extras such as chicken 1.50e, veg 1e. Limited seating. Very crowded in busy periods but fast service. Excellent value for money.

Another good place to try is KAM YIN (Nieuwebrugsteeg 10 - 12 Amsterdam - tel 020 4204563.. or for the uninformed.. pretty close to the red light district ;) ).  This is a Surinam/Chinese restaurant, it looks nothing special from the outside but the food is amazing. There is a wide and varied menu, the service is great, the food cheap (around 6 - 7E a main course).
Try Roti Kipfilet (chicken, potatoes and egg in curry with green beans and a pancake) 6 euros each and beer (1.5 euro's 1/2 pint).  There is a photo below, although the meal was half eaten at this point.

When still hungry in a bar or on a terrace, order a portion of Bitterballen. This deep fried meatballs are typically Dutch and taste well with mustard. Another bar snack which is typical for Amsterdam, besides the billets of cheese, is osseworst, a soft red meat type of sausage.

Tostis are a delicious toasted sandwich with meat and/or cheese.  Usually you get to pick what goes in it and they are usually inexpensive.  With a face on the Singel, the Replay Cafe located on the ground floor of the Kalvertoren indoor shopping centre at Kalverstraat, the most famous shopping precinct of Amsterdam, has a delicious ham & cheese tosti with Parmesan Cheese toasted on the outside.  Delicious with a lemonade on a warm spring day.

Roti Kipfilet

Eetcafe 't Pakhuis, Voetboogstraat 10- 12, 1012 XL Amsterdam, Netherlands‎ - +31 20 6250856‎

This place is on the same street as a few other cheap eating and drinking places. Just off the Spui it's close to the University so frequented by students. Food is mainly steak and ribs and they have a dag schotel (day plate) for E7.50. Steak & chips with pepper sauce and salad. The service was very quick, the steak was fairly small but perfectly cooked and very tasty. Plenty of fries and salad to fill you up and the beer was only 4 euros a pint. They also have a selection of other steaks and ribs. Very good value place to eat in central Amsterdam.