On the same side of the Prinsengracht canal as the Hotel Pulitzer, and just across the street from the Hotel (at a corner location), is a small local breakfast restaurant called "Kaffe de Hoek" -- it is very (VERY) local, and serves many things - but the most recommended is their "egg special with ham, tomato and cheese."   This is made with two eggs (yolks broken) fried thin over a delicious thin slice of ham, covered with sliced tomatoes and a ton of melted Dutch cheese.  Served with toast.  Delicious.  The pancakes are excellent too, and the coffee is perfect.  Often filled with locals, this place is better than any hotel breakfast you will have in Amsterdam.

If you don't want to eat at your  hotel, restaurant why not go to one of the many local supermarkets for pastries and coffee and take them back to bed, Most hotels have 12.00 check out. if you want to go to a cafe, you will find many in the centre selling pastry and coffees as well as department store cafes.