Amsterdam may not seem like the best place for family-oriented fun, what with its reputation for some seediness. But once you get away from the Red Light District, Amsterdam is a lovely city with lots of green space for children to run around in.


This largest park in Amsterdam is situated just south of the Leidseplein. Covering over 110 acres, the park seems to stretch on indefinitely, and even riding a bike the length of the park could take half an hour. Surprises greet the visitor at every turn, including a series of lakes, a rose garden, play areas for children, and cafes. A Sunday morning stroll in the park will find local Amsterdamers out enjoying the green space, with children running beside them and dogs following close at their heels. The park has an outdoor theatre, open during the summer, that hosts a variety of free live musical performances, including pop, rock, Latin and classical.

2. The city is superb with children; playgrounds everywhere and you can rent a bike with a children's seat.  Everything is within walking distance and if you get tired, you can take the tram (buy your tickets in the supermarket). On Saturday morning, you can take your kids to the nice small biological market on the Noordermarkt with fresh mushrooms and a nice playground on the middle of the market with lots of small children running around. Dutch people have their coffee and hot chocolate with Dutch "appeltaart"  (applepie) in the small café's around the market square (Besides finding yourselves in one of the nicest areas of Amsterdam Centre to walk around in, and very close to the Anne Frankhuis. At the same location, there is a different market there on Monday mornings).

3. The city is jam-packed with playgrounds. Even in the more touristy areas there are usually some just around the corner if you know where to look. Even a very small one (there are lots of spots with just one or two pieces of play equipment along the sidewalk) can make it easier when traveling with small kids. In all the major parks there are big, more challenging playgrounds for all age groups, but don't limit yourself to these! Amsterdam is a city with constantly renewing play areas, many on the cutting edge with more natural, adventure-type equipment. There is one really good, comprehensive guide available, otherwise ask a local with kids as you go along.

The cinema's in Holland are often in the original version (check at box-office) so the English-speaking kids can go to the cinema with no language problems.

At late Sunday afternoons you go and eat at the Café restaurant Amsterdam and visit the Westerpark.