Amsterdam is one of the perfect tourist destination in the world and having great attractions. it is highy attracted by  the million of visitors every year. This city has well connecivity of  transportation from all over the European cities. If you are in London and want to visit Amsterdam, there are many operators who serve frequent flights to Amsterdam from London.

There are four offices of the Tourism and Convention Board of Amsterdam (VVV Amsteram) located at:

- Schipol International Airport (office of VVV Holland), in hall 2, open every day from 7AM to 10PM

- Central Station, on platform 2b, open Monday-Saturday 8AM to 8PM, Sunday and public holiday 9AM to 5PM

- Stationsplein, in the Holland Koffiehuis (in front of central station), open every day from 9AM to 5PM

- Leidesplein (corner with Leidsestraat), open Sunday-Thursday 9.15AM to 5PM, Friday-Saturday 9.15AM to 7PM

These offices are a great resource once you arrive in Amsterdam.  They also sell tickets and do bookings.  They can be very busy. 

The leidesplein tourist information has been closed for two years apparently. Please update.

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