A recurring question on the forums is "which travel/discount card should I buy?".
Below, you can find an overview of the cards available:


Overview of Dutch travel- and discount cards for tourists 


Links and more info:
  1. GVB day or multiday card
  2. Amsterdam Travel Ticket
  3. Holland Travel Ticket
  4. Amsterdam & Region day ticket
  5. I Amsterdam card
  6. Holland Pass
  7. Museumkaart
  8. You can find door-to-door travel advice and journey prices at http://9292.nl/en

Also a good side by side comparison here http://www.amsterdamtourist.info/tips...


  • The anonymous OV-chipcard is not a discount card, but a reloadable "electronic purse" for travelling. It's valid on all public transport in The Netherlands. The card costs €7.50 + you need to add a minimum credit of €20 to travel on trains. In most cases, buying an ov-chipcard is not needed and disposable tickets (see below) or daycards (see above) are more economical.

  • Single Use OV-Chipcard (= disposable tickets): Instead of buying an ov-chipcard or travel pass, you can always simply buy separate tickets for public transport. Tram/bus/metro in Amsterdam: €2.90 per single ride. Trains: Disposable tickets cost the full fare + €1 surcharge.

  • The personal OV-chipcard is not available for tourists. So senior discount prices or year contracts are not available if you don't have a Dutch bank account. Tourists using an ov-chipcard always pay the "full price", not the "discount / reduction price" listed at 9292.

  • The only pass covering rail transport to other cities like Zaandam / Haarlem / Rotterdam / Delft / Den Haag / etc is the Holland Travel Ticket, €39 for one day off-peak. But it might be cheaper to simply buy separate train tickets when going there.