Eindhoven is a very friendly city to both pedestrians and cyclists -- set bike paths make cycling through Eindhoven (and all of Netherlands for that matter) a distinct pleasure. Walking within the city is recommended, giving you the best chance to appreciate the architecture and public art. A walk to the Van Abbe art museum from the station is an easy distance with a lot to look at along the way. If your plans involve further distances, or if your feet need to take a rest, consider hopping on the bus. The bus system in Eindhoven is well-marked and provides efficient and reliable transportation from one destination to another. To ride the bus, you will want to buy a Nationale Strippen Kart at the bus station. The Strippen Kart is valid for bus rides throughout the country, making riding the bus throughout all of Netherlands a convenient affair. If you plan to rely on the bus for most of your transportation, and will be staying for a week or longer, you may want to consider purchasing a weekly or monthly pass, both of which can also be purchased at the bus station.

It is not a car friendly place to visit. Best is not to go there by car. It is really hard to find parking space and it is all to be paid for. If your parking ticket is expired,this will cost you at least a fee of 61,20 euro. This is really extremely high, compared to other countries. Also do not believe what they tell you. You cannot pay in advance. You need to buy day passes each morning at 9 AM at the machine to avoid this extreme fees.