One of the most famous outdoor activities in Maastrict is the exploration of the local caves just outside of the city.  These caves are not for professional cavers but rather for the average person interested in seeing a bit of nature from the inside out.  Some of the more famous caves include the aptly named Maastricht Caves and the St. Pietersberg Caves (

Mount St. Pieter is a great location for doing a little bit of local hiking or trailrunning.  Visitors will find that this moderate climb isn’t too difficult and that it is well worth the effort it requires because the view of the city from the top is the best view available.  Actually, that’s not true – it’s the best view available from the ground.  For the best view, take a hot air balloon ride.  See for more information.

Both the city and Mount St. Pieter can be explored on a run. Maastricht Running Tours ( does very well reviewed easy individual and group guided running tours. Pace and distance is according your fitness level.

Visitors interested in something a bit more luxurious can make a stop at the Kneipp Cure Center ( to enjoy the fitness center and finish their day with a massage or facial.  The Aquamarijn Beauty Centre is a similar option for fans of the spa and also offers indoor swimming for those interested in relaxing and being active at the same time.