Maastricht has a small airport. The only UK and Ireland destinations that serve it are Stanstead and Dublin. The main alternative airports are Amsterdam Schiphol or Brussels International. Both offer train services directly from the airport. Traveling from Schiphol is usually direct or requires one simple change. From Brussels International two changes are usually required. See or for times and fares. Those planning to fly into Brussels Charleroi should be aware that it is quite a bit to the south of Brussels itself and not directly served by any train service.

There are two major airports located close enough to Maastricht to be used by Maastricht ’s visitors.  The one most commonly used by travelers is the Maastricht Aachen Airport (  This airport can be reached from either of the two main highways leading in to the city (see below).  The other local airport is the Liege Airport (

For those travelling from S.E. England the Eurostar to Brussels is as good an option as any.

By car:  The two main highways entering Maastricht are the A2 and the A79, either of which may be taken by travelers heading in to the area depending upon the point of origin.  The A79 highway is the more scenic of the two routes and tends to be preferable if it can be used.  Specific driving directions from various locations can be obtained from Mapquest ( or Google Maps (

There are no long distance bus routes within the Netherlands or bus services from Brussels to Maastricht.