Maastricht visitors will find that the nightlife in the area is worth checking out, whether they are looking for a quiet drink at a local pub or an active night on the dance floor of the club scene.

In terms of pub life, there are numerous options, but visitors should try to make it a point to check out a select few.  Kaffee Priem is a place where visitors can start the evening, grabbing an evening meal while beginning the night’s drinking.  This bar opens at noon on every day except Sunday and Tuesday and stays open until two in the morning.  Another good dining and drinking bar is Edd’s which features live music some nights of the week.

As for the more active club scene, visitors should start at Nightlife.  This weekends-only club is a favorite among the younger crowd who enjoy the DJ-hosted music and the late hours.  (The club is open until five o’clock on Saturday morning and six o’clock on Sunday morning and welcomes in all guests ages sixteen and up.)  Another good spot is The BackStage which tends to draw in a more alternative or underground crowd.

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