It’s a very popular event and if you enjoy nice flowers and parks and are in the vicinity during the park’s opening times then I would say it is well worth a visit.

Here are some commonly asked questions about visiting the Park:


When can one visit the Keukenhof?

The park is open annually from mid March until mid May. For 2017:

Opening times: 23 March 2017 to 21 May 2017 from 8.00 hrs to 19.30 hrs (8am - 7.30pm); ticket office until 18.00 hrs / 6pm

What can you see there?

Well apart from the obvious tulips there are indoor displays in the pavilions, a real windmill which you can go inside, take a boat trip around the surrounding tulip fields or stroll through the alternative gardens. There are also a number of gift shops and eateries.


What’s the best way to get there?

There are a number of ways to get there. By tour companies such as Lindbergh Tours ( ) and Keytours. These will take all the stress out of organising the trip yourself but obviously will be more structured i.e. will pick you up and drop you off at specific times.

If you prefer to make your own way there from Amsterdam you can buy a Combi ticket online (see the K’hof website on how to do this). This gives you transport by bus (and back) from Schiphol airport every 15 minutes (00, 15, 30 & 45 past the hour) on the 858 service which runs specifically during the park opening times. This will drop you off at the park gates. The combi ticket also includes the park entrance. To get to Schiphol from Amsterdam you can take the 197 service from Leidseplein or a train from Central Station. There is also a  Combi (Connexxion and Arriva) ticket from Amsterdam for bus 197, bus 858 and entrance together. From Schiphol to Keukenhof takes about 30 mins.

From Rotterdam or The Hague you can take a train to Leiden and then Arriva bus 854 from Leiden Station, taking around 25 minutes. Again this will drop you off at the park gates.

Since the opening of 2015 there is a new bus service running from Haarlem Central Station to The Keukenhof. But this is not a direct bus. You first have to take Arriva bus 50 from Haarlem Central Station to De Nachtegaal (Lisse). There you have to change to Arriva bus number 850 which will bring you to the main entrance of The Keukenhof. Combi tickets can also be used on these bus lines also. 

The combi ticket also covers this bus.

This year (2016) they have re-instated the 858 bus from Schiphol on the Amsterdam and Region Travel Ticket so you can use this on the 197 bus to the airport from the Leidseplein/Museumplein area and then the 858 Arriva bus to and from the gardens. See the timetable posted below for this bus as it is not that easy to find online. This ticket costs €13.50, is valid for 24 hours from first use and is also valid (unlimited) on all public transport in and around Amsterdam although with the exception of trains.

Since the combi ticket that the K'hof sells for transport to and from the gardens from Amsterdam is €13 more than the entrance price alone then this ticket is so much better value 

Next to this NS railways sells combined train tickets from any Dutch station, bus ride and entrance for a combined price of 35 euro. However the site is solely in Dutch and for payment a Dutch debit card (iDeal) is needed, hence generally not useful for tourists.

New for 2016

You can now buy train/bus/entrance combi tickets from Amsterdam and Den Haag. See the link below for details of costs and where to buy the tickets. 

Of course you can always rent a car for the day and drive. Parking at the park is € 6 per day. If you do drive then take a good map or sat nav, the park is not that easy to find.

Many people ask if they go early or late will they still be able to see the flower displays. The answer generally depends on the weather and how cold or mild the Spring is. However the gardeners in the park are fairly expert at creating the most wonderful displays whenever the park is open. Go early and you will see different displays or early blooming flowers than if you go in say the last week. Most people will not be disappointed whenever they go. Also there is no “best” time to go because again this is dependent on the weather. If you turn up on a cold rainy day then the park will not look as good as in bright sunshine and the weather is practically impossible to predict in these parts any more than a few days ahead. If you are visiting The Netherlands for few days then perhaps it’s better not to set specific days until you get here and make a plan then. In general though toward the end of April/beginning of May should be better weather wise. Nothing is guaranteed though!


How long should one spend in the park?

Well it is quite large and if you want to see all or at least most of it then plan for four hours minimum but you could make a full day of it. If you can then go midweek when it will be quieter than weekends. Why not take a small picnic with you and eat in the park grounds?


What about the tulip fields around the Park?

You can rent bikes from the park and tour around the surrounding fields. They can be spectacular but remember that the tulips will be harvested at some point (again weather dependent) for their bulbs at some point so if you go later than the first week in May they may all be gone.

There is normally a forum post updated by the DE for that area every year so check that out. Also can tell you where the flowers are currently blooming in the area with up to date photo's submited by visitors/locals. 

In conclusion the park is well worth visiting even if gardens are not your thing. You can escape from the city for a while and spend some time in tranquil surroundings.



The flower parade in 2016 is being held on saturday the 23rd of April. The route will be announced around March on their website (select language top right).

Best places to see the parade is between city/town locations listed on the map.  Arrival early and park early as the entire N208 is closed the day of the parade.  If attending Keukenhof the entrance in and out of the park on the day of the parade is with one ticket but it is very busy around the Keukenhof.  If you are in the park leave at least 2 hours before scheduled parade arrival in order to see the parade from a good location. 


Will the flowers bloom at date X?

It all depends on nature, a warm winter and springtime will cause the flowers to bloom earlier and a cold winter will cause the flowers to bloom later. Generally the last 2 weeks of April and the first week of May will be the best time to see the flowers. During spring season there is a weekly update of the flower status. Please check in for the status around mid March (a week before opening of Keukenhof) to see if they have a normal, late or early springtime.


More Questions?

If you have more questions about visiting the Keukenhof and the flower fields please have a look at the search box on Trip advisor first. Many questions have been answered before. Do you have a new question? Please write it down in the forum or do a search there as many questions will have been asked and answered frequently before.



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