Zurich is located at the northern end of the lake of the same name and split by the Limmat river. The city is divided in 12 districts.  Altstadt (district or Kreis 1),  the old town on the West bank, has delightful winding streets and attractive squares. The Munsterhof , one of those squares, is dominated by Fraumuenster, a handsome  13th-century church, and surrounded by ornate buildings. Located not far from the old town, the busy Bahnhofstrasse is partially free of traffic and lined with elegant stores.

There is a great view across the Limmat river and the East bank from the Lindenhof, an old square where the city was settled. You can see richly decorated Grossmuenster church and picturesque historic guildhouses. The East bank also has well-preserved old town and Niederdorfstrasse, that is lined with nightlife spots and boutiques.

Langstrasse gets very busy at weekends for the night life. It can be reached walking or by short drive from the main station. 

The area around Hardbrücke/District 5 is bustling with night life too. There are nice cultural and shopping options in the Viadukt and the famous Freitag tower resides there, just next to Prime Tower - Switzerlands tallest building. Turbinenplatz offers a choice of hotels and restaurants, and musicals and theatres can be found.