Although Montreux is a beautiful, scenic city of museums and music, traveling around the rest of the country, particularly to nearby cities and towns sharing Vaud province, is a must.

The Chocolate Train is a rail line into stereotypical Swiss culinary culture, with destinations of cheese and sweets that include the Nestle factory.

A trip into Lausanne offers visitors excellent biking and walking tours as well as fascinating museums and sites of historical interest such as the Musee Olympique and the Cathedrale de Lausanne.  The must-see attraction here is, however, the Collection de L’Art Brut, an extremely peculiar and interesting exhibition displaying the artwork of lunatics, criminals, and lunatic criminals.  Prisoners have nothing but time, and some apparently have artistic eyes and hands.  

Vevey is another neighboring city worth trekking to, offering visitors many sights to see such as the Swiss Camera Museum (consider that this destination is only open Tuesday through Sunday between 11-6 before setting your itinerary), the Alimentarium Food Museum , the Museum of Old Vevey, and the Swiss Museum of Games .

And last but not least, Montreux is surrounded by numerous small, picturesque villages that are definitely worth a stop for those attracted to settings rustic and nostalgic.