There are quite a few things to do in and/or around Zermatt besides skiing. While the town is most popular for skiing and other snow-related winter sports, there are plenty of other nearby sights to see that can take several hours, but can be completed in a day.

Mule Trekking – Tours can last anywhere from one hour to several days and there are different itineraries available. Mules are ridden on paths to the areas surrounding Zermatt. On the trips that last more than a day, those on the tour can sleep overnight and eat in various inns. No matter the length of the guided trek taken, it is a unique experience.

Matterhorn Glacier Paradise – This is the highest spot in all of Europe that tourists enjoy visiting because of the fabulous views. A cable railway takes visitors to the top of Matterhorn glacier.

Glacier Express – The Glacier Express is a railway that travels through the mountains of Switzerland. The entire ride takes over seven hours and crosses almost 300 bridges and through 90 tunnels during the ride. Taking a ride on the Glacier Expressway allows tourists to see a fantastic view of the famous Swiss Alps, central Switzerland, and many of the other beautiful landscapes in the region.