Zermatt is a small town and is car-free, so the entire length of the town can be accessed on foot. This is great during the night hours because visitors to Zermatt can walk from one bar to another in search of the perfect location to spend hours dancing, drinking, listening to music, or just hanging out.

Tourists start to fill the bars in town soon after the ski lifts close in the late afternoon. There are many bar and restaurants that are popular for nightlife, and each one has its unique personality. Some cater more to the younger crowd, and some to the older crowd. The bars that are filled with younger tourists tend to have louder music, and ones where the not-so-young crowd tends to frequent are a little bit more subdued.

Some of the bars in town are located within the hotels. Others are located in the Vernissage. This area consists of bars, a movie theatre, and some art galleries. It’s a unique set-up that is hard to describe to anyone who has never before seen it.

One of the best aspects of Zermatt being a car-free town is that there is no danger of drinking and driving. So, after a night on the town, everyone must walk back to their hotel.