There a few websites that are dedicated to providing information to potential or future visitors of Zermatt, and one of the best ones is This website is posted in English as well as several other languages.

This website is unique because it contains local news tidbits as well as information on where tourists should stay, information about the local weather, descriptions of the skiing mountains, details of all sorts of activities that take place here year-round, and a listing of the local events for the year. 

Visitors to this website can also view many pictures of Zermatt and can even view short video clips of several popular areas.

The website also contains a “guestbook” where people who have visited Zermatt can post their thoughts and opinions of their vacations. Anybody is free to read any or all of the posts so they can get a good idea about what a vacation to Zermatt is like.

Another popular website that contains plenty of information that potential tourists would find valuable is This website provides details on the best way to access the town, descriptions of the activities available in Zermatt during the summer and the winter, information about lodging, and photos of the area.