You don’t head to Lugano for it’s vibrant nightlife, because there isn’t one. You’ll be hard pressed to find a nightclub or enough pseudo-nightclubs to go club hopping. If you're into the all-night scene, this definitely isn't your place. 

But there are a few offerings for those looking for more than an early bedtime while visiting Lugano. If you’re visiting in the summer, check out the open air concerts that sometimes fill the Lugano air with the sound of music.

Blues to Bop is the most famous of these, and is held each year in August. Several concerts will be held each night on the town’s piazza, the lakeside promenade and other parts of the city’s center. You won’t necessarily find tons of well-known artists here – though you certainly could – but instead a wide variety of artists, some better known than others. This is a hugely popular event and one that gives Lugano a special charm to visitors.

For year-round night entertainment, consider taking in Lugano the quiet way. Get a drink or a snack, and sit outside enjoying the view of the mountains or lake, or passerby. Some locals recommend Etnic for a good drink, but most say avoid the food menu as it leaves a lot to be desired and there is excellent food to be had elsewhere in Lugano.