If you’re heading to Lugano and need a little advice from locals, check out the Swiss tourist board website, which features quite a bit of information about Lugano as well. While there is good information here, there are a lot of paid links as well, so use caution with any advice you find useful.

Switzerland Is Yours offers up extremely useful information about Lugano, including some beautiful pictures that will send you to an airline site to book your passage, if you haven’t done so already.

Finally, check out the Lugano Tourist website. Here, you can find so much information for your Lugano trip you just might put down the guide books and rely on this useful place. Click on the “parks” link and you will be greeted with extensive information about the city’s parks and gorgeous photos to help you plan ahead.

Click on “wellness” at the Lugano tourist website and you’ll be led to an extensive list of spas and retreats in the area. You’ll feel relaxed just thinking about it!