Palazzo Civico or Town Hall of Lugano is not just a nice building in the heart of the town, but have a history.

According the Constitution from 1814 The Government of Ticino ruled by rotation principle in  the capital of Bellinzona, Locarno and Lugano town, for a period of 6 years. So it was a necessary to build a new building in Lugano to meet the requirements for an administrate building and, naturally, to have a prestigious look. The idea quickly gained momentum and was soon collected a good sum of money which is rendered by the sign on the main facade: "Fabbricato con i denari dei cittadini nel 1844". In translate: "Made with the money of the citizens in 1844."

So a competition was launched for a building and won the project by the Milanese architect Giacomo Moraglia.
Well, from 1845 to 1851 the building housed the Cantonal Government for the second round of Lugano capital, but during the previous period 1827-1833 the Government had been housed in the premises of Villa Farina from the beginning, then Villa Ciani. Between 1863 and 1869, took place the last round of Lugano. And in times of absence of the Government the Palace was used as a hotel, first known as the Lake Hotel and later as a Washington hotel. Resolved the issue of the Capital in 1890, the Town Hall became the seat of the Assembly fixed the municipality, the City Hall and the Administration.

In the eighties of the twentieth century Town Hall was completely renovated by architect Gianfranco Rossi, dead at 85 years old. He was professor of architectural history at the technical high school in Lugano and invited lecturer at the Polytechnic of Turin and Lausanne.

 Palazzo Civico in Lugano

 Palazzo Civico FacadePalazzo Civico Patio