The weather in St. Moritz is practically infallible. Travelers partake in any number of outdoor activities throughout the year. Based upon individual preferences, any season can be ideal.

Expect a very cold and busy Winter season. It is the Swiss Alps and a ski resort, after all. The winter begins in late October and the average temperature ranges between 38 º F and slightly below zero. Ski gear or high fashion that looks like ski gear is the local trend.

The spring redeems the cold winter. The cool wind currents preserve the fragrant mountain air between April and June. The daytime temperatures hover around 50 ª F. Be prepared for the possibility of snow in late March and early April.

The summer is equally fair weather and the second busiest season outside of winter. Historically, this was the first season that attracted tourists to St. Moritz.  Water sports and mountain climbing replace the use of ski lifts. The air temperature rarely exceeds 70 º .

The resorts are dormant between the middle of October-December and April-June. The majority of hotels are closed and the lack of cable car service limits accessibility to tourist destinations. Since spring and fall are off seasons, they offer significant savings. Make early calendar reservations for September or late June resort reopening dates.

With the very special and unique weather patterns in this high mountain valley, not comparable with anywhere else in Switzerland, local specialised weather forecasts are best to be trust. You find a forecasts here: