Many tourists agree that the best time of year to visit Davos is in the winter. Because this town is so high up in the Alps, and it is primarily a ski resort, this is a great place to visit when the snow falls the hardest. It's true, you will have to deal with more tourists and families, but overall it's not too much to handle. You should always book your hotels and other reservations well in advance anyway, otherwise you are cutting it close. If you want to visit the town in the off season, whether it be the spring, summer, or fall, you will still have plenty to do. You can do some great hiking and mountain biking in the area around the town. There are also a number of other attractions worth checking out when the weather is warm. Still, the main draw of the town is the skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports. Even just skating on some ponds is a great way to spend the day. This is an outdoors paradise, and you will definitely have a good time. Make sure you dress warmly, as it gets quite cold up in the Alps.

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