Switzerland has not had any Islamic terrorist-related incidents, but it does contain anti-globalization, anti-establishment, and worst of all, anti-Semitic elements. These elements most often express themselves in the form of property damage, potentially violent demonstrations, and clashes with the police. While neither Americans nor tourists are the target of violence in Switzerland, caution is  nevertheless advised.

Switzerland's violent crime rate, thankfully, is low. Watch out for petty crime, however, as tourists may be susceptible to pickpocketing and purse-snatching, especially during peak tourist times, such as Christmas or the height of summer. It is during those times of much activity when such crimes are most likely to occur. Exercise caution on public transportation services, and especially on overnight trains, as thieves perform their best work on sleeping passengers and may even break into locked sleeping compartments.

Driving conditions in Grindelwald and Switzerland are safe as roads are well-maintained. When winter driving in mountainous areas, snowchains are required on vehicles. During the height of Grindelwald's tourist season (which is actually a good part of the time), increased traffic demands extra caution and awareness. 

Travel on Switzerland's expressways requires that you purchase a sticker for your windshield. These can be found at post offices, border crossings, and gas stations. Heavy fines are levied against those drivers who have no stickers.

Perhaps the best advice to heed when visiting Grindelwald is to respect its nature. When hiking, stay on marked paths (especially in winter), and heed signs and warnings. You will be held financially responsible for any rescue efforts that may result from irresponsibility  and lack of caution, and that can really ruin a vacation.