In the Swiss Alps, cheese, chocolate and watches have been the most popular items prefered by shoppers from all over the world. To have a better idea of what you can find and where you go to purchase any of those, there are some places where you can do your rsearch:

If a cheese lover, Switzerland boasts many types of cheese that outnumber the most famous ones, Gruyere, Emmental, Sbrinz and Appenzel. To have a comprehensive idea of all the types of cheese and the dairies where to buy, stop at the Switzerland Cheese Marketing AG's website (it is in French, Italian, English and German). There you will also find the regions, recipes, locations online and overseas where you can buy Swiss cheese and news about events and festivals involving cheese.

Watches? Two of swiss traditional watch and jewelmakers, Bucherer and Longines will introduce the traveler into the precise and refined world of watchmaking as a blend of ancestral craft and the most sophisticated art work. For further details, stop online at these businesses websites at and, or plan an extended stay at Luzern where Bucherer has its main store.